Future Guest Speakers

Date Name Topic
25 December 2018 No Meeting in December No Meeting in December
28 January 2019 Ian Keable Unmasking the Cock lane ghost", the precursor to victorian spiritualism
25 February 2019 Martin Harris Great Ormond Street Hospital - History, Breakthroughs & Ongoing work
25 March 2019 Geoff Bowden Funny Guys” Talk about Britain’s funny men.
29 April 2019 Bob Dresner Talk about Plays and Early Harps
20 May 2019 Eve Regelous History of Harrods
24 June 2019 Graham Bendall The Life of a Gamekeeper
22 July 2019 Melanie Gibson-Barton Wandering in Flanders Fields
26 August 2019 No Meeting in August No Meeting in August
23 September 2019 Keith Baldwin A Notebook, a Whistle and a Truncheon
28 October 2019 Bernard Lockett Reflections of Post War East London
25 November 2019 Mark Lewis Sentinels of the sea; The Amazing History of Lighthouses.
23 December 2019 No Meeting in December No Meeting in December
27 January 2020 Alan Pamphilon The Forgotten History of Chelmsford
24 February 2020 Vivien French Memoirs of Ordinary People
23 March 2020 Tony Earle The London Underground
27 April 2020 John Halligan 21st Century Revelations on the Life of King Richard III
18 May 2020 Charlie Haylock An Eccentric Look at the Countryside
27 July 2020 Nick Dobson 1066 - The Year that Changed History
24 August 2020 No Meeting in August No Meeting in August
20 September 2020 Peter Batty "In Sickness and in Health" A Medical Tour of the City of London
26 October 2020 Jason Middleton The History of Jewellry
23 November 2020 Tom Way Exciting Wildlife From Around the World