Future Guest Speakers

Date Name Topic
26 October 2020 Graham Harrison Poisons for medicine
23 November 2020 Tom Way Exciting Wildlife From Around the World by Tom Way
11 December 2020 Danielle Barnett Tis The Season To Be Jolly
25 January 2021 Ian Keable History of Cartoonists: From William Hogarth to Private Eye
22 February 2021 Andrew Baker Nelson Mandela, The Triumph of warmth, humanity and generosity
22 March 2021 Denis Sheppard The Victorians, Holidays and the development of Essex Seaside Resorts
26 April 2021 Jane Pearson Getting an Education in Essex 1700-1900
24 May 2021 Melanie Gibson-Barton Walking in Flanders Fields
28 June 2021 Lucy Allen The Highs and Lows of a Stuntwoman's Life
26 July 2021 Deborah Brady A Female in Fleet street - My Life as a former photo Journalist
27 September 2021 Anthony Poulton-Smith “Watling street" - Famous “Roman Road” - Why more than one and why a road years before the Empire?
25 October 2021 John Merrill Walking the Essex Coastline- 250 miles
22 November 2021 Tim Moorey The Secrets of a Crossword Setter
24 January 2022 Bobbie Darbyshire Where do novelists get their ideas from?
28 February 2022 Julian Whybra The Shakespeare Conspiracy
28 March 2022 Mark Lewis Design and Construction - Of Different Lighthouse
25 April 2022 Alan Pamphilon Mr Marconi and the birthplace of wireless 1898 to 1922
23 May 2022 Charles Lee Pompei and Herculaneum life in 79AD
27 June 2022 Saffron Summerfield When Birds sing
25 July 2022 Charlie Haylock An eccentric look at the British countryside.
26 September 2022 John Halligan 21st century revelations on the life of King Richard 111
24 October 2022 Philip Caine From Barrow to Baghdad and back again (My career story)
28 November 2022 Tony earle The London underground from the 50's to present day.