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The u3a movement is a unique, exciting and international organisation that provides, through its national trusts and local u3a associations, life-enhancing and life-changing opportunities. Retired and semi-retired people come together and learn together, not for qualifications but for its own reward: the sheer joy of discovery! Local u3as are learning cooperatives that draw upon the knowledge, experience and skills of their own members to organise and provide interest groups in accordance with the wishes of the membership. Members share their skills and life experiences: the learners teach and the teachers learn, and there is no distinction between them.

The u3a movement in the United Kingdom is supported by its national organisation and although all local u3as remain operationally independent, they are automatically members of The Third Age Trust. As such they must abide by its Objects and Principles. The Trust is a national, umbrella body (a registered charity and limited company) which represents all u3as in the UK at national and international level.

Hutton u3a has nearly 350 members and nearly 50 thriving groups that support a diverse range of subjects involving a wealth of educational, recreational and social activities. You may view the monthly Hutton u3a current newsletter, a list of our groups and the associated activity calendar on this website. You cannot attend individual Group Meetings unless you are a u3a member but if you wish to join us there is a membership form available for you to download or complete on-line.

Every fourth Monday (allowing for Bank Holidays) in the month (with the exceptions of August and December) we have a Speaker’s Meeting and this is also a really good time to meet and get to know other members, if you are not a member of Hutton U3A you may still attend but you will be charged £2. As a guest you cannot attend more than two Members Meetings without joining, please see conditions below.

We look forward to seeing you.

Membership fees: Apr 1st to Mar 31st - £17, Sept 1st to Mar 31st - £10 (new members only, not late paying returnees).

Guests - £3 per visit (maximum 2 visits). Guests joining on date of visit will not be charged the guest fee.